Denied insurance claims can leave you feeling vulnerable, taken advantage of, discouraged and afraid of what the potential outcome may bring. All too often, after making a claim many are denied or left underpaid for what seems like no legitimate reason at all, and the insurance you’ve carried for your home or your business isn’t covering you when you need it most. At Compass Claims, we’re here to help. As representatives to both
individuals as well as small to mid-size businesses, we fight denied or underpaid insurance claims, from all types of property damages to claims
for complex business damages. Oftentimes, insurance companies will interpret policies as they see fit in order to deny or underpay valid claims in order to discourage a homeowner from pursuing a claim or to financially burden a business, subsequently avoiding paying out to policyholders. Whether they’ve alleged that you have had a lapse in coverage or that the event is beyond the scope of coverage, we’re here to inform you that you are well within your rights to seek out your claim in full. If you’ve personally suffered a loss and have been denied or underpaid
through your insurance, you can take action—let our experienced public adjusters lead the way in your dispute to recover compensation.

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