Policyholders with insurance claims that have been delayed, underpaid, or denied are not uncommon. With each day that passes, the industry
landscape becomes more and more confusing. Many policyholders have missed important policy deadlines. Also, adjusted tax assessments were
recently released that reduced property values for many homeowners; construction costs to repair and replace damaged property continues to
soar; and costly building code revisions are on the horizon. The policyholder experiences a lingering uncertainty due to the slow claim
process and understaffed insurance companies, which in recent years collected record profits. The difficult policyholder experience, after a major
loss, is challenging at best, and in many cases, frustrated policyholders unknowingly cause harm to their claims. The insurance companies are
betting on policyholders’ mismanagement of their claims, and the carrier’s bottom line benefits from the mistakes. The policyholder’s responses to
insurance company requests and the timing of those responses are extremely important. These interactions with the insurance company will
determine the homeowner’s chances of recovering the maximum amount for their damages. Compass Claims can help.

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