Business and Industrial Property Claims

Long before any claims are filed, a decision must be made about the kind of policy that
will protect a business. Most commercial coverage is fairly straightforward, but in the
21st century there’s a new wrinkle on the idea of “business.” For many people, going to
the office means opening a laptop in their living room or in the neighborhood coffee
shop. Defining the type of business you run, and selecting the appropriate insurance
coverage for your needs is the initial determining factor in how any claim will proceed.
The fastest type of claim denial in the world is just five words, “Your policy doesn’t cover

When claims are filed, business owners face a special set of urgent demands. They not
only need their insurance benefits to rebuild from whatever damage or loss they have
suffered, but they also face pressure to return to productivity. Obligations to customers
must be met. The demand to remain competitive in the marketplace is an ever-present
concern, and the responsibility to pay and care for employees’ needs is real and
compelling. This is especially true in small businesses where the owner typically works
side by side with the people he pays.