Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes by their very nature require unique adjusting experience and consideration. When an apartment complex is damaged there is a high likelihood more than one unit will be involved. A good example is a fire loss where we have found that while the fire loss may be contained to the unit involved, chances are the complete building will be impacted by a combination of water and smoke. Another example is the impact of a wind event when roofs are damaged and the inside of the units are soaked from water entering from above. Renters in these complexes must be relocated and all personal property has to be removed in order to make the necessary repairs.

Owners turn to us due to our experience and understanding of the issues involved in these types of property losses which can be complex. While on-site property managers can be a good source of information when a loss occurs, we have found their priorities center on dealing with operations and tenant issues following a loss. Adjusting a claim is best left to the professional public adjuster retained by the owners or property manager who is typically seen as a beneficial addition to the team handling the loss in an expedient manner.


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