We are policyholder advocates helping policyholders navigate and settle insurance disputes with their insurance companies. Compass Claims specializes in representing consumers in the adjustment of insurance claims for both commercial and residential property losses. Our extensive claims management and public adjusting experience assures clients that they obtain the maximum benefits allowable under the insurance policy. More importantly, our expertise in claim adjusting significantly speeds up and simplify the loss adjustment process.

We understand the value of a fair and prompt claim settlement to the recovery of business or household claims, which is why our team of experts begins work immediately to investigate and document the full value of the loss. At Compass Claims, we know that a well-documented claim will get paid faster and usually for the full fair value of loss. Compass Claims has over 10 years experience, and has built a solid reputation for honesty and integrity within the insurance industry and is a trusted resource for claim adjusting by commercial ownership groups and the property management industry. We have been instrumental in recovering tens of millions of dollars for our clients, as we have consistently exceeded our client expectations. Compass Claims is committed to representing policyholder interests with tenacity, integrity and the utmost professionalism. We work tirelessly to protect our client's hard earned investments.